Admittedly I’m in my head a lot, and in a way that isn’t healthy. I’m navigating, on autopilot, a world and life I’ve grown to feel aren’t for me. I want to change that. I want to commit to making myself the priority considering I have a habit of prioritizing others over myself. The hope is to steer in a direction where I am in better control the thoughts and feelings I entertain and by extension the world I live in; improving upon my most valuable gift: myself.

Chaz R. Deans HOME will be a creative manifestation of the intentions I set for myself; as I grow, it grows, you grow, and we grow (granted you decide to remain a perusing guest of this quaint and intimate space). Here is to the beginning of challenging myself to live freely, more openly, and unapologetically as my best self. Whoever you are, if you are reading this, welcome to the beginning, and a small part, of the eclectic world of Chaz R. Deans.


Please note, comments will be moderated. This HOME will not reflect universal views and opinions (which is impossible). Please help maintain the positive culture of this space by engaging in a manner that is gracious, dignified and respectful.

Final remark: this website is not for clout; CRD HOME is the creative expression and digital representation of its namesake, Chaz R. Deans; he aims not to be a pawn bullied by the influence of an audience.