Day 2

There’s a darkness that I invited which hinders me; its parasitic grasp shadows and influences my perspective. It’s something, I find, that many of us grapple. Knowing this, I try to counteract the darkness, as best I can, through simplicity, purity and mindful awareness. My mom used to say, “feel good isn’t always good for you.” She is right. A lot of my derailment in life came as a result of stepping away from myself to entertain what “felt good.” Whether it was relationships, or what I ingested by way of food or mental stimuli, I walked away from myself to accommodate people and things that didn’t promote my well-being. As of late, my primary concern is to narrow my perspective. I believe this will help me see who am I, and where I need to be to maximize my potential utility. It’s taken me some time, but I’m here for it all. I'm excited by this continuing process of ongoing development. May I transform into the Mecca of being I know I can be.

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