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It comes with great ease to eat mindlessly. We have heard, ”your body is your temple,” yet at times we neglect to give our body what it needs for optimal renewal, performance, and maintenance. I stress-eat a lot. It's my vice; something I wish to gain over more control. What can I say, I'm an anxious guy but ironically what I consume doesn't soothe my anxiety. Contrarily, that tub if ice cream reaps shorts terms gains through a short run feeling of comfort, but the long term effect doesn't satiate any health objectives— other than to maybe act as a source of calcium and, to a lesser degree, protein. However, the sugar content, as research suggests, can wreak havoc on our system. That doesn't go to say you should stop eating ice cream, but everything in moderation, right? Maybe a bit less than moderate if the cons outweigh the pros.

Phototherapy entails using food, plants, and herbs as medicine. It employs ancient wisdom that fuses with modern knowledge to promote health and wellbeing while preventing illness. Functional medicine focuses on optimizing the bodies useful output by utilizing holistic and alternative approaches like phytotherapy. When I'm disciplined, I try eating mindfully by taking into account the benefit of each ingredient considered for ingestion. I also employ the use of teas, herbs, and tinctures to supplement my diet.

I’m genetically susceptible to autoimmune disorders, so I aim to use my diet to counteract, prevent or even delay the onset of any future illness. I've seen my Mom, who suffers from a rare chronic autoimmune disorder, take hold of her life and continued survival by aggressively manipulating her diet. Doctors and those who know are often in awe. Through food alone, you can extend and renew your life. Even on a limited budget, this is possible! Simple changes in diet can have small but lasting effects on things like the clarity of your skin (which I'll eventually speak more about from my personal experience). My goal: to attain monk-like discipline with my diet while remaining scientifically attentive towards its manipulation as my needs change. As time progresses, I hope to give more detailed accounts of my approach to health and wellness, the foods and supplements I utilize, and whatever new knowledge I've acquired through research, experimentation or experience.

Next week, we will dive into it all, but this week serves to get you acquainted with each space. Thanks for ducking into the pantry for a bit. I promise it will fill with more things in the coming weeks.


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