BATH | Skin Hygiene & Care

I had an early introduction and education into skin hygiene and care. Mrs. Deans detailed skin protocols by providing knowledge of its benefits and what would happen if left neglected. As children, my sister and I were always impeccably clean. My Mother, of course, made sure.

Beyond that, the curious child I was always nosed my way into exploring my mother's skincare processes and the apothecary that was her bathroom. She provided my earliest introductions to natural skincare and highlighted the effect of each ingredient. I loved how unbothered she was by my stealing all her skincare supplies — in a way; she promoted it. I learned from it, and that's what she loved. The value of my education in ALL facets of life far outweighed the cost of individual products and items.

From childhood to now, skin hygiene and care has been a pivotal part of life. I've taken my curiosity beyond my mother's bathroom by scouring books, and the internet to learn more. Beyond theoretical knowledge, I also dabbled in a bit of experimentation. A lot of the skincare industry is a SCAM for reasons I'll dive into another time. If anything it serves our best interest to understand how to treat and protect our largest organ and first defense against environmental threats.

I'm no skincare expert, but I do have a deeply invested interest in myself to optimize the maintenance and care of my overall health, which includes my skin. A hopeful consequence of that is that I may pass along knowledge the same way my mom did for me.

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